Rural Health Clinic

Continued preparations are in the works for the new clinic building. IT is working on all the behind-the-scenes necessities to make sure all communications are good to go between the BSMC buildings, as well as with other area facilities. This is not as simple as calling the phone company, as extra securities are required when working with your protected information. Improvements are also being made to the flooring of the building to help ensure its longevity. Most of the furniture is purchased and awaiting it's big debut. The Grand Opening date is not set yet, but will be soon!


Current Building Remodel

The architects have been working closely with the Leadership team to make plans for moving forward. The remodel can begin after the clinic operations have moved to their own building. There will be many changes to the clinic/hospital side of the building, but the biggest priority will be making space for the CT machine in the current clinic space. Some of the halls and bathrooms will be adjusted to meet the most recent ADA regulations. The Lab and the Patient Accounts representative will be more easily accessible. There will also be space for a Pain Management provider. All exciting things! It's been over 30 years since the last big update to the structure of the building.

Critical Alert

After 40 years, the parts to repair the nurse call system are almost impossible to find. The need for improved communication and safety among staff and patients makes this a top priority in the facility. BSMC has teamed with Critical Alert to replace and improve the call light system in the facility. There has been a lot of growth and improvements in the call light industry since the LTC wing was built in the 1980s, so switching to a new system is not as simple as swapping one for the other. Together with Critical Alert, and Shine Electric the project will get underway in the summer of 2024.
BSMC prides itself on our patient care. Part of that is keeping the environment comfortable and safe for patients and staff alike. After some system failures it became evident the HVAC system in the building needed improvements. We have teamed with FICO to begin the first phase of a system overhaul in the building. The hope is to begin the project by the fall of 2024.


Dining Room Expansion-completed Spring 2024

Thanks to funding from the Medical Guild and grant funds, the dining room expansion is complete! This allows for more space during meals, activities, and other gatherings. Residents can maneuver with more freedom in the area, allowing them to be more independent and foster better relationships in our community. As we see our rooms remain full, our residents needing more equipment to remain independent, and our adventurous activities continue, this space will be appreciated for years to come.

The Kitchen Addition-completed Fall 2023

The addition has been completed! The walk-in coolers are operational, the dry pantry is fully stocked, and the dock has been working wonderfully for the weekly truck deliveries. The kitchen staff are grateful for the additional space and save a lot of time gathering supplies for meals without having to go all the way to the basement.

Hallway Makeover

With the expansion of the dining room, came a makeover for this area of the hospital. Wainscotting, fresh paint, and new decorations certainly improved the appearance of the space. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but it also acts as an infection prevention strategy allowing for easier and more thorough cleaning of the wall surface, as well as protecting the walls from accidental scuffs from medical equipment.