Current Building Remodel

The architects have been working closely with the Leadership team to make plans for moving forward. The remodel can begin after the clinic operations have moved to their own building. There will be many changes to the clinic/hospital side of the building, but the biggest priority will be making space for the CT machine in the current clinic space. Some of the halls and bathrooms will be adjusted to meet the most recent ADA regulations. The Lab and the Patient Accounts representative will be more easily accessible. There will also be space for a Pain Management provider. All exciting things! It's been over 30 years since the last big update to the structure of the building.

Kitchen Addition

‚ÄčThe kitchen addition is coming along nicely. After a delay waiting for trusses to be delivered, progress has been consistent. The wall has been knocked out between the new addition and the kitchen. Lighting is in place, the walls have been painted, and the flooring is being laid. After the finishing touches, the equipment will be replaced and safety inspections will be completed. The kitchen staff continues to cook at the Catholic church, hauling meals three times a day to the facility, and returning to the church with dishes to be washed. It is quite a team effort!

Rural Health Clinic

The modular building has been purchased and delivered. The Peterson family graciously donated the space for the new building. After unexpected delays, we were finally able to break ground in Mid-September for the new clinic! Once the foundation is ready, the building will be placed and put together. A parking lot will be paved, furniture will be added to the waiting room and patient rooms, then steps will be taken to move operations out of the current building into the new one!