Facility Updates



Rural Health Clinic

The building has been set, the parking lots and sidewalks paved and the entrance steps and ramps installed. Furniture and equipment is steadily being ordered and waiting in storage for it's big debut. Internal repairs have been made to damages that occurred during transport and setup. Now, we wait for the delivery of the electric panel to get the lights and heat on and then we will begin making the space functional.

Dining Room Expansion

Thanks to funding from the Medical Guild and some grants, the dining room will receive some long-overdue work this year. The wall between the dining room and hallway will be removed as well as the doors being expanded in the former TV room. Being at full census in the facility, more space for meals, activities, and parties is required. Opening the space will allow for more social interaction, less stress figuring out how to accommodate everyone's medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, etc), and keep our folks in a space that feels comfortable instead of cramped.



The Kitchen Addition-completed Fall 2023

The addition has been completed! The walk-in coolers are operational, the dry pantry is fully stocked, and the dock has been working wonderfully for the weekly truck deliveries. The kitchen staff are grateful for the additional space and save a lot of time gathering supplies for meals without having to go all the way to the basement.



Current Building Remodel

The architects have been working closely with the Leadership team to make plans for moving forward. The remodel can begin after the clinic operations have moved to their own building. There will be many changes to the clinic/hospital side of the building, but the biggest priority will be making space for the CT machine in the current clinic space. Some of the halls and bathrooms will be adjusted to meet the most recent ADA regulations. The Lab and the Patient Accounts representative will be more easily accessible. There will also be space for a Pain Management provider. All exciting things! It's been over 30 years since the last big update to the structure of the building.

Hallway Makeover

After almost 40 years, the Long-Term Care wing of the facility will be getting a facelift. There is carpet on the lower portion of the walls that will be replaced with beautiful tile covering. This will be easier to sanitize and offer a better aesthetic for the area. It is also more durable to withstand contact from wheelchairs and mechanical lifts. The handrails will be replaced and the walls will be painted. This will all help with infection control, durability, and patient safety.